Outdoor Court Line Painting

No more guessing where the lines are

Line painting is the perfect add‑on to a driveway or outdoor court!

It may look easy, simply painting lines. Getting them to look good is the difference — of being on your knees, covering hundreds of square feet. Measuring long distances in multiple directions, down to the sixteenth of an inch. Then ultimately, getting clean straight lines.

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General FAQ's

What colors can I get my lines in?

black white red blue yellow

custom colors

What kind of paint do you use?

I use water-based acrylic paint.

How long do the lines last?

When applied to clean pavement, you can expect of great quality lines, followed by more of good usable lines!

These time frames also depend on vehicle traffic. Lines painted on a busy driveway naturally wear faster.

Is pressure washing required?

For existing pavement, washing is required. About 50% of my clients choose to do this themselves, and the other half have me do the washing as part of the service.

If painting on dirty pavement, you could expect the lines to start chipping or peeling within .

If you are getting asphalt resealed, this is a perfect time for line painting without the need for washing.

How long before I can play or drive on the lines.

The lines are ready to play on within .

If driving a vehicle over the lines, I recommend waiting at least to drive on them.

Basketball Line Painting

Get a regulation size key and 3‑pt line on your driveway or outdoor court.

Basketball FAQ's

What options are available for basketball lines?

Standard service

  • Key with blocks
  • Free throw line
  • 3-pt (high school)

Options available

  • Key in solid color
  • Out-of-bounds lines
  • Half-court line
  • 3-pt in 2nd color
  • 3-pt (NCAA college)
How much 3‑pt line will fit on my driveway?

To locate a high school 3‑pt line, measure from the center of the rim out 19 feet 9 inches to the sides and the top.

Do not fret if your driveway isn't big enough to fit all of the line. Unless you have a dedicated court that is 50 feet wide, it is common for part of the line to not fit. When this happens, I simply paint as much of the line as possible, as seen in the photos.

Pickleball Line Painting

Get a permanent pickleball court on your driveway or outdoor court!

Pickleball FAQ's

How much space do I need?

The court itself is 44 feet long by 20 feet wide. As long as you have room in both dimensions, you can play pickleball!

The by-the-book space recommended is 60 feet long by 30 feet wide. This gives 8 feet of room on each end, and 5 feet of room on the sides.

What about the net?

The net can be either portable or permanent!

Four Square Line Painting

Get a four square game on your driveway or outdoor court!

How much does pressure washing and line painting cost?

Pressure Washing

  • Pressure washing is $375 minimum or 25¢/sq.ft., whichever is greater (not including travel time). You can also choose to have washed your entire driveway and sidewalk while I'm at it.
  • If I'm already on‑site for installing your basketball hoop, the travel costs below will not apply.

Line Painting

  • Line painting is $690 (not including travel time) for the key, blocks, and as much 3‑pt line that will fit in your space. I can also paint your key a solid color and paint the baseline and sidelines if there is room.
  • If I'm already on‑site for installing your basketball hoop, the travel costs below will not apply.

How much does travel time cost?

For either only line painting or only pressure washing, where only one trip is required, below are estimates of travel costs based on how far you are from Precise Assemblies.

Those living away
The travel cost can be between $200‑$400
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $400‑$600
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $600‑$1,000
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $1,000‑$1,200
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $1,200‑$1,600

For both pressure washing and line painting, where two trips are required, below are estimates of travel costs based on how far you are from Precise Assemblies.

Those living away
The travel cost can be between $400‑$800
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $800‑$1,400
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $1,400‑$2,000
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $2,000‑$2,400
Those living away
The travel cost can be between $2,400‑$3,200

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Client Reviews

Kim Bowling, Noblesville (Indianapolis), IN We are so excited to finally have our basketball and pickleball court finished. After working with multiple companies that were either a no show or who had ghosted us, not only did Jeremy respond immediately but also came to Indiana and got the job done within a week. We can’t say enough great things about Precise!! It’s beautiful! Original review & photos from Kim on
Jeremy E., Brownsburg (Indianapolis), IN Jeremy was a total pro from start to finish. We were unable to find someone to do this level of work locally, so we brought in the best from Missouri!
Shelbi Crume, Shepherdsville, KY We recently had our outdoor basketball court striped by Jeremy with Precise Assemblies. He was very quick in response time, and incredibly professional. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are absolutely astounding! His schedule worked out so that I could surprise my husband when he returned from a work trip. He was stunned! We will definitely be using this amazing company in the future. Original review & photos from Shelbi on
Phillip G., Harville, MO I had purchased a goal that I didn’t have the equipment or time to install myself. I did a lot of research to find the best company or person for the install. It turned out better then I thought it could have. Also, he painted the lane, free throw, and 3 point line. Worth every penny! Professional and great communication.
Millie Anderson, Ripley, TN Very professional, on time and nice. Everything from the first question to the final project complete. Highly recommend for any project. Very satisfied 100% Original review from Millie on
Matt Holthaus, Highland, IL Jeremy just painted the lane, free throw, and 3 point line for our driveway. Great job, I highly recommend Jeremy for any assembly needs! He does very meticulous work. Very helpful with any questions you have. Original review from Matt on
Kelly Miller, Hickory, KY We had a basketball goal installed and lines painted. Jeremy did an awesome job. Everything looks great! Would highly recommend him! Original review from Kelly on
Michelle A., Gillespie, IL We couldn’t be happier with Jeremy’s professionalism, responsiveness and quality of work from start to finish. We would recommend him to anyone and would use him again if we moved.
Wes C., Richmond (Lexington), KY Great transaction value for value! Very seldom you can say thanks for the value I paid for! You will not be disappointed with this company! A professional job.
Arnold M., Florissant (St Louis), MO Jeremy was everything we expected and more. Five stars for his attention to detail, professionalism, knowledge, cleanliness, and all-out work ethic. I also had him paint my court as well. The lines are perfect and my home court looks amazing. He had all of the proper tools to get the job done in a timely manner. I was very impressed to see him pull up the old cement and cut the big boulder into smaller pieces to haul off. He took my old goal, all of the boxes, and the pallet that it came on. If you need a basketball goal installed, I highly recommend Jeremy for the job. I am very satisfied with the excellent professional job Jeremy has done installing my goal and painting my court. Five-star service hands down. If you want it done right and looking great, Jeremy is the man for the job. Big Smile.
Matt Uchtman, Cape Girardeau, MO I highly recommend Jeremy Glastetter and Precise Assemblies! He has helped me with several projects and is always on time, his attention to detail is unmatched, he’s friendly, professional and cleans up! If it needs to be assembled or done around the house, he can most likely do it! He did Avery’s Bday present today, looks great! Original review & photos from Matt on
Mary-Ann Maloney, Cape Girardeau, MO We highly recommend Precise Assemblies. Jeremy is a true professional. He’s knowledgeable, efficient, hard working, on time, and NEAT! His workspace is always cleaner when he leaves than when he arrives. Jeremy installed an awesome basketball goal that our boys love. He’s also done some audio/visual work for us. You won’t hire anyone who’ll work harder for you. Original review from Mary-Ann on
Patrick Rosa, Danville, KY I am very, very pleased with Precise Assemblies! I asked Precise Assemblies to install a Produnk Diamond model hoop for me. After I read the reviews of the various installers, I decided I wanted to go with him even though that meant paying extra for the travel time, as I was outside his regular service area. It was worth every penny. Jeremy is very professional, very meticulous, prompt, and responsive. His work is flawless. I absolutely recommend Jeremy for any assembly or installation work. He has tremendous experience and he puts great thought into the work he does. He is excellent! Original review & photos from Patrick on

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