Garage Door Opener Installation Service

Your Garage Door Opener is the brains behind the largest moving object in your home. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be in sync with each other.

Buyers Guide

Drive-Type — Belt or Chain?

Chain drives are by far the most popular, I'll call them old-faithful.
Belt drives are preferable when there's a room above the garage, as they're the quietest.

Motor Size — ½-hp or ¾-hp?

Most normal sized doors only need a ½‑hp motor when the door is light-weight and easy to lift. For doors that are extra tall, wide, or heavy ... opt for the ¾‑hp or higher.


Keyless entry pads
The most popular option. They allow you to get into your garage from the outside with a 4‑digit PIN code, without needing to have a vehicle button handy.
Wi-fi ready GDOs
Allow you to both open/close and check the status of your door right from your smartphone and computer.
Battery Backup GDOs
Come with a battery inside (see Q&A below for more info), so your door can go up and down even when there is a power outage!

  • Disconnecting your existing GDO, removing old sensors, wiring, wall button
  • Installing your new GDO
  • Connecting all accessories: wall button, safety sensors, cell phone 
  • Cleaning-up and removing packaging when done
  • Testing the safety reversal system
  • Teaching you all its new features

  • Delivery of your new GDO from the store to your garage
  • Haul Away of your old GDO and rail

Get Started


Can I still operate my garage door by hand if the power goes off?

Yes you can. Pull the red emergency release cord to release the door from the opener. To re-engage to the opener when power is restored, pull the rope towards the motor at a 45-degree angle. The next time you operate the door, it will re-engage.

Also available are battery-backup garage door openers. The battery allows use of the door for up to 20 cycles when there is a power outage.

My garage door won't go down. What should I check?

Check for obstructions of the door or misalignment of the safety reversing sensors. If something is breaking the infrared sensor beam, the door won't go down and the lights on the opener will flash. Some items known to break the invisible beam are direct sunlight on the receiving sensor, spiderwebs, brooms, etc ...

Next, check the battery in your remote control. If your wall console has a Lock button, be sure it's not activated (indicated by the flashing light in the wall console.)

My garage door won't go up. What should I check?

The most common cause is that you have a broken spring. Look above your door and make sure the spring or springs are each in one piece. If one is broken, your door will be too heavy for the motor to lift.

If the springs are not broken, and your motor hums with no movement of the door, you may have a stripped gear inside the motor. If you are able to open the motor housing, it will look like it snowed inside with white plastic shavings.

Finally, check that you don't have a manual lock that is engaged on the side of the door.

Can I stop my garage door in the middle while it's moving?

Yes, you can stop a garage door opener at any point while it's moving. If you press a button while the door is going up, the door will stop. If you press a button while the door is going down, the door will reverse and go up, which a safety feature.

What if I must be right next to my garage door for my remote to work?

You can first check the battery and replace it if it's old. If the battery is okay, your steel garage door or aluminum siding might be interfering with the remote control signal. A weak battery creates a weak signal that can also be blocked by the metallic content in windshields on some new cars.

Why do the lights on my garage door opener stay on when the door is up?

This symptom could be the result of:

  1. activation of the manual light switch on the premium wall consoles
  2. or continuous breaking of the infrared sensor beam when the door is up

To turn this feature OFF, with the opener lights ON, press and hold the light button for 10 seconds, until the light turns ON and OFF again. To restore this feature, start with the opener light ON, then press and hold the light button for 10 seconds until the light goes OFF and then ON again.

How safe are garage door openers?

Very safe. In fact, since 1993, every garage door opener has had a three-stage safety system:

  1. The first safety feature is an invisible beam near the bottom of your door opening. If the invisible beam is blocked by an object while the door is closing, the door will reverse and go back up before touching the object.
  2. The second safety feature is a reversal on contact. If the door contacts an object before reaching the ground, it will reverse and go back up.
  3. The third safety feature, is a cycle completion occurs (within 30 seconds) if the down limiter or the reversing system were to fail.
Can openers handle heavy doors?

Yes, up to a point. It will handle any door made of wood, steel, or fiberglass that's up the 18 feet wide and 7 feet tall. The door has to be in good working condition and the springs must be properly balanced because the opener is only assisting the door's springs. For doors 8–10 feet tall, a corresponding extension kit would be needed to open the door all the way.

Client Reviews

Donald T., Cape Girardeau, MO Installed my garage door opener. He was very professional and I would recommend to a friend.
Dan Carver, Perryville, MO It's hard to find honest people to work on projects these days that take pride in their work. Luckily, I was referred to Jeremy by Menards to install a garage door opener at our farm. Not only did he have to drive 45 minutes each way to get to the job, he took his time and the quality of his work was impeccable. I highly recommend him for any projects you have. Original review from Dan on
Stas Vidyakin, Sikeston, MO Showed up within 2 hours of calling for garage door emergency on a Sunday. Very professional, fast, and outstanding quality of work. Highly recommend!!! Original review from Stas on
Edward Doss, Mounds, IL Excellent, extremely helpful and professional! Original review from Edward on
Chasidy Brown, Cape Girardeau, MO Jeremy was very excellent with quality of service and reasonable with pricing, plus he showed up on time & got the job done quick. So many good reviews on Jeremy. All the positivity I read on him... Definitely would recommend him, uphold all the reviews and will take care of your needs. Best in the area!!! Original review from Chasidy on
Roxanne Tesar, Marion, IL Jeremy installed a garage door opener for me and then one for my son. He was absolutely professional about the installations and did a wonderful job. He has been awesome to follow up and make sure we were satisfied with his work. I highly recommend him. Original review from Roxanne on
Jessica Carter, Sappington (St Louis), MO Jeremy installed a garage door opener for us and he did a fantastic job. He is honest, diligent, and skilled. He's the real deal! I would 100% recommend him to anyone Original review from Jessica on
Mike S., Cape Girardeau, MO I am very please with Jeremy. His work is fast and professional. He is courteous, and explains things. Thank You Jeremy.
Stephanie K., Jackson, MO Finally - an individual who is accomplished at the installation of products and considerate also! Thank you!
Bunny K., Cape Girardeau, MO Contractor was very helpful and nice. He explained all about the garage opener and did the work in a fashionable time.
Janet R., Paducah, KY Great job! We are a happy customer!
Vern D., Jackson, MO Jeremy is a professional, courteous and knowledgeable installer. He has installed both of my garage door openers and whenever I buy a new product, I request Jeremy by name.
Markeeta W., Kuttawa, KY What a great Serviceman!! Jeremy is everything they said he was and more. He installed our garage door opener, explained the entire system to us, and left us feeling totally secure. We will certainly be a good advertisement for him and will definitely use him in the future.
Jerry A., Cape Girardeau, MO First rate! Jeremy was able to respond on short notice to install a new garage door opener. He arrived on time and the installation was completed in under two hours. At the completion of the installation, Jeremy took the time to help me program the new controls. While doing this he noticed the opener on the other garage door needed adjustment so he took care of it at the same time. He was pleasant and the ultimate professional. I highly recommend Jeremy for assemblies and installations. I don't believe you will find a better young man for the job. My wife and I are completely satisfied with him and his work and will definitely call him again if we have need of his services. Great job, Jeremy!
Therese G., Scott City, MO Precise Assemblies saved my day! My garage door opener had bit the dust! Jeremy came to my rescue within 2 days. I was very impressed with his professional and confident manner. He even taught me how to program the control panel.
Jerry Johnson, Williamsville, MO Jeremy was prompt and all business when he arrived. He did an exceptional job in the installation, know exactly what to do next, wasted little time in getting the job done professionally, and with a desire to do it well. I would recommend him to anyone for the specific job of installation of a garage door opener. He even cleaned up a messy garage floor after he finished, much of which was messy before he started the job. THANX FOR A PROFESSIONAL JOB WELL DONE. JERRY JOHNSON
Laura S., Ullin, IL Jeremy is very friendly and courteous. He did excellent work, very professional. He installed a garage door opener and it works perfectly. He even put new light bulbs in and swept up when he was finished. He also took time to show me all the features of the new opener. I would highly recommend him to do any "assembly required" job.
Roger B., Paducah, KY Thanks, Jeremy, for the efficient job you did on the garage door opener installation. I appreciate the operating instruction. All the detailing was done in less than two hours. It's precisely this: go with PRECISE ASSEMBLIES!
Scott B., Charleston, MO Jeremy installed a garage door opener for me and it was done right and on time. I highly recommend him.
John F., Paducah, KY This was an amazing trip back to the future. I have been so dissatisfied by repair personnel for a long time. Jeremy was exactly what he said and he did the job on time and more than satisfied my expectations. Thank You
Dean R., Jackson, MO Jeremy is a most excellent worker, very neat, and professional. He has installed two garage door openers for me and they look and operate flawlessly. I would recommend him to anyone needing an install/assembly job performed.
Darwin E., Fredericktown, MO Your work for me was great. Recommend you anytime.
Maxine F., Paducah, KY Highly satisfied with installers work! Wonderful job and workmanship.
Bob C., Olive Branch, IL I can tell you honestly that you will not find anyone more knowledgeable, friendly and fast working than Jeremy. We have used his services three times so far. We would call no one else if we need help. His cost is very reasonable as well.

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