Frequently Asked Questions

Before Your Service Starts

How do you charge for each job?

I provide a quote before the job begins.

What time-windows do you offer?

I normally give a window or less. Once on my way to you, I notify you again with my exact arrival time.

Should I contact you before or after I get my item?

You may do either. I can work with any situation.

If it's not been purchased yet
I may be able to recommend brands and sizes.
If it's already been shipped
I can schedule to get your item assembled quickly after its arrival.
If it's already there
I'll get it completed ASAP.
If you deliver my item, will it arrive already assembled?

No, I always assemble your item on-site. For two reasons:

  1. To prevent damage to your product. Damage is more likely out of the box.
  2. Not all items fit through doorways once assembled.

If someone other than Precise Assemblies is delivering your item, it's preferred that the boxes be placed near the final location.

  • If the boxes must be moved after my arrival, or moving the boxes is requested, an additional charge for this service will be incurred at the rate of $85 per hour.

After Your Service

When do I pay?

You do not pay until after your project is complete, and you've tried it out.

For basketball hoops, I require 50% after the completion of the first visit, before I depart. The next 50% after the completion of the second visit, also before I depart.

Do you offer a military discount?

No, at this time I do not.

What payment options do you take?

Cash, check, and Venmo are accepted.

If cash, check, or Venmo are not available, then can be accepted for an additional 3% added to the total and 4% if not in person.

Checks made to Precise Assemblies
Venmo @ PreciseAssemblies


Is Precise Assemblies a franchise?

No, Precise Assemblies was founded by and is operated by Jeremy Glastetter.

Do you only assemble items that come from specific stores?

No, items from most all stores and manufacturers are fair game. The companies listed on the home page are only the most familiar names to the general public.