TV Installation Service

It doesn't matter how much you spend on your TV ... if you don't know how to use it, it doesn't do you much good!

My goal when setting up your TV and components is to have the simplest operation with the least amount of wires.

When replacing your old TV with a new, all your channels will stay the same and any recorded shows on your DVR will still be there, granted you don't get a new cable box. I will program your cable remote to your new TV so you can keep using the one you're familiar with.

  • Connecting your Blu-ray, DVD, VCR, games, speakers
  • Programming your cable remote to your new TV
  • Testing your TV to ensure everything works
  • Walking you though using your new TV

  • Mounting your TV
  • Concealing the cables
  • Delivering your new TV
  • Hauling Away your old TV

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What’s the difference between ‘Digital TV’ and ‘HD TV’?

In the simplest of terms, both are digital (not analog) but HD is better quality.

Digital TV
Regular digital quality
Higher digital quality
Why doesn't the picture on my new TV look as good as it did in the store?

Most likely within the connections & setup of your TV, cable box, DVD player, and wiring, there is something that is analog (not HD). The store is using all HD products within their TV set up to show what the TV is capable of when everything is up-to-date.

What do I need in order to get a full ‘High-Definition’ picture?

You must have an HD television, and also an HD cable/satellite box, and also the TV show or program must have been filmed in HD. For movies on a disc, you'll need a Blu-Ray player. Everything must be plugged into the TV with HDMI cables.

Another lesser-known option, is using an antenna (rabbit ears) to pull in local channels in HD. For this, plug an antenna into your HD television, and run what used to be called "Auto Program" to find local channels near you.

What’s the difference between a DVD player and a Blu-Ray player?

Think of a Blu-Ray player as a high-definition DVD player. The way it operates is exactly the same. Also, like a DVD player, Blu-ray players can also play DVD's and CD's as well.

Why does my TV have black bars on either the top-and-bottom, or left-and-right?

The bars come from your TV provider. Your TV is only displaying the image that it was sent. These are the most common possibilities that may be causing the bars:

  • If the camera used to film the program wasn't a widescreen camera, your picture will have bars on left-and-right.
  • Even if the camera was widescreen, your cable provider may not be transmitting the picture to you in widescreen, resulting again with sidebars.
  • If your program was originally made to fit a theater screen with a 21:9 ratio, which is wider than your 16:9 TV, you will have bars on top-and-bottom.

Most TV manufacturers give you the option to stretch the picture to fill the entire screen with a button on the remote control. This button has many names and is commonly one of the following: 'Pic Size', 'P. Size', 'Wide' or 'format', etc...

Client Reviews

Mary Turner, Cape Girardeau, MO Jeremy did awesome work figuring out my cable internet problems. I moved houses and none of my equipment would work including my internet. He helped me with the people at the cable store and got me all new equipment and hooked it all up. He also helped me figure out passwords that I couldn't remember anymore. Original review from Mary on
Nick B., Sedgewickville, MO Jeremy was fantastic from initial contact to the end of job. Professional and dependable-would definitely recommend!
Forrest G., St Louis, MO Good service.
Trevour M., Troy, IL Very pleased with set up and installation
James Schulte, St. Louis, MO Jeremy did a fantastic job mounting our TV. He was quick, thorough, and super friendly. I will be calling him again soon to install a basketball hoop. I highly recommend. Original review from James on
Doris Turner, Bernie, MO Jeremy did a great job installing my Ring Floodlight. He walked me through how to use the app and even though I didn’t catch it all the first time through as I was overwhelmed, we went through it numerous times until I became comfortable with it. He was very patient and made sure I had it all down before he left. Original review from Doris on
Craig D., Marble Hill, MO Jeremy done a fantastic job and was super friendly. He explained everything along the way! Great job Jeremy!
Jeff P, E. Alton, IL Got my TVs up and running! Original review from Jeff on
Adrienne W., Nashville, IL Jeremy did an amazing job today installing my tv. He was very friendly and efficient with his time. I would recommend him...
Carole Z., Belleville, IL Installed my doorbell and helped me install the app and figure out my passwords! Original review from Carole on
Dawson B., Centralia, IL Jeremy was a great help installing my family’s new tv. It was a very quick and easy experience and I recommend precise assemblies to anyone who needs any sort of assembly in their home!
George C., Belleville, IL Jeremy contacted me the day before my installation. He was professional and wanted to review the work to be completed. Jeremy arrived on time and did an excellent job. He addressed all my concerns regarding the operation of my devices after the installation. I highly recommend this company. Original review from George on
Lavern Parker, Godfrey, IL Jeremy Glastetter is the best! He mounted two televisions for us. He was timely, informative and efficient and his work product was nothing short of excellent. You will be doing yourself a disservice by not calling him. He knows all things Wi-Fi. Original review from Lavern on
Donna Balsano, Hazelwood, MO Security installation. Original review from Donna on
Ruby W., Florissant, MO I thought Jeremy was a very warm, friendly approachable and definitely a professional. He knew what he was doing, gave me some great pointers about my ring devices. If I needed help with my ring devices again I hope it will be Jeremy.
Dionne Orr, St. Louis, MO Jeremy was awesome! He explained everything to me about my Ring camera as well as walked me through it. He was very professional he doesn’t leave any trash and stays on tasks for completion. I would recommend him to anyone. Original review from Dionne on
Stephen S., St. Louis, MO He communicated on the day before came on time and was in and out in 45 minutes. Super nice guy! Original review from Stephen on
Andre D., St. Louis, MO I would like to share a great review about Jeremy that came to my home to install my televisions. I was his first appointment for today, and he explained in detail how he was going to do things with courtesy and professionalism, so that was wonderful news to me. He also answered my questions & shared his knowledge on several subjects I asked him in reference to other TVs, soundbars, etc.
I was very pleased from the time he got here, till his departure. I would like for his supervisor/manager to buy him lunch and/or give him a raise for his outstanding professionalism of his excellent work habits.
I've decided to add a couple of things that he had shared with me and I would like for him to come over again, mainly because he knows what needs to be done. Thanks & have a good day!
Cheri B., Fredericktown, MO Jeremy did an excellent job installing numerous devices for us.
His knowledge of products and installation was nothing short of outstanding.
He worked efficiently and took time to explain use of devices. It was a pleasure to have Jeremy in our home.
We highly recommend him!
Shelia Davis, St. Louis, MO Jeremy installed some camera's for me. I was nervous but he made me feel comfortable with him in my home. Everything worked perfect the first time. Original review from Shelia on
Don Cole, St. Peters, MO Jeremy Glastetter called to confirm appointment time, and again after his first appointment was completed informing when he would arrive. Very responsible and professional! Upon arrival he was very personable, and careful, and also explained new system, and connected and programmed everything for us! He was extremely patient with these tasks! Original review from Mary on
Mary Cole, St. Peters, MO Very personable. Kept us informed of his arrival. Explained what he was about to do. Very patient with us. Went above and beyond our expectations. Our kids do not have the patience Jeremy had with us. Very pleasant and very happy with the service he provided to us. Original review from Mary on
Dianne Babb, Charleston, MO Jeremy was very professional and detail-oriented. I was extremely happy with the wall-mounting of a 55" television. He thought of everything, and went beyond to make sure everything was completed to my satisfaction. I highly recommend his services. Original review from Dianne on
Miles Martin, Freeburg, IL Polite, professional, and tidy. I had three TVs mounted and they turned out great! Original review from Miles on
Jim L., St Louis, MO Jeremy was the designated installer for a new TV that I had purchased from Best Buy. While here he also relocated one of my other TV's to a different room. He set everything up (both TV's), explained all the features, synced up the wifi, adjusted the numerous settings, demonstrated the remote control functions, and even explained how to set up a sound bar that I am getting next week.
He was very knowledgeable, thorough, and patient answering all of my questions. Jeremy did a great job, I would highly recommend him to everyone out there that is looking for assembly or installation! He will get the job done efficiently at a fair price and you will come away knowing you found the right man for the job.
Shirley Logsdon, St Louis, MO Jeremy. Thank you for your expertise….and the additional set up work you did for me. You are a most kind hearted person. I am blessed you are the technician who showed up. Again Thank you. I am glad I have your business card Shirley logsdon Original review from Shirley on
Dick and Gayle S., Cape Girardeau, MO Jeremy came to our home yesterday to install our new TV. He was timely and did an excellent job taking time to make sure we understood the operation. He also repaired a streaming TV in the kitchen that hadn’t worked in months (it had a bad part) We would highly recommend him
Carol Rockwell, Ballwin (St Louis), MO Jeremy programed a new harmony remote. He was very professional and did not leave until I understood how to work it. It works perfectly. Thank u Jeremy. I would use him again Original review from Carol on
Joe K., O Fallon, IL I normally don't write reviews but I have to write one about Jeremy. He installed two electronic door locks at our house today and he was exceptional. He was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and clean.
One of the doors had a small misalignment on the existing strike plate and Jeremy took it apart and fixed it.
Each lock came with five manual keys and Jeremy tried all 10 of them to make sure each one worked. Most installers would have only tried one key for each door.
My wife and I are not real tech savvy and Jeremy was very patient and made sure that our apps, codes, etc. were set up on both of our phones.
I would highly recommend Jeremy.
Tracie Pratt, Belleville, IL I was so happy with the service I received from Jeremy . Not only was he professional but expert at all the IT work we had. My husband and I are dinosaurs when it comes to anything electronic but he was able to walk us through it all and had patience with us. We love his services. 5 out of 5 stars. Original review from Tracie on
Paul H., Jackson, TN Jeremy did a great job installing my Ring security light. He was very personable and professional. Highly recommend!!
DJ Session, Aviston, IL Jeremy Glastetter was outstanding! Very professional and I'll definitely have him back for more installs. I would highly recommend him for your next install.
Barbara B., Marion, IL Jeremy was competent, pleasant, totally knowledgeable!!! He was above & beyond our expectations!!!
Julie Hoffman, St Louis, MO Jeremy is trustworthy & efficient, he put our new tv up quickly. Followed all COVID protocols and we are grateful. Thank you, Jeremy! We are getting a list of projects together for you. Original review & photo from Julie on
John Tomsu, Jackson, MO Excellent service! Very professional and informative. Explained procedure of installment. Set system up and took the time to show how to work system with helpful information to allow the system to operate at its peak performance.
I was very impressed with his work performance and his professional manners. This young man is a dying breed in service work! 10 plus stars for his rating!
Thank you, John Tomsu
Original review from John on
Tina M., Hickman, KY Jeremy went above and beyond his service he explained everything as he went along and we discussed everything about the doorbell!
Debbie J., St Louis, MO Jeremy was awesome. He not only installed my Mirror, he cleaned up the mess in our TV wiring and managed to get our existing Sonos sound bar to work that other techs couldn't figure out. Thanks Jeremy!!!
John R., St Charles, MO Project was completed in very professionally manner. Jeremy explained very clearly how are new TV worked. We are both very pleased. Highly recommend!
Patricia Roti, Highland, IL We were very happy with the way Jeremy took the time to answer our questions, address our concerns, and most importantly the great job he did when installing our new TV. We would definitely use him the next time we needed anything assembled. Original review from Patricia on
Kent S., Webster Groves (St Louis), MO Jeremy changed his schedule to meet mine. He texted me before he came and showed up as he promised. Who does that anymore? He programmed a new Logitech Harmony remote and also took time to diagnose and fix an input problem on my Denon receiver. My TV had been inoperable for over a week and I took hours trying to connect with Geek squad, Logitec and Denon ‘support’. Jeremy took extra time to give old grandad a tutorial on all the connections and devices. Who does that?? He’s my new go-to guy!!
Terry Y., Belleville, IL Precise Assemblies installed my new flat screen television today and I couldn’t be happier. Jeremy is a true professional and it was immediately obvious to me that he takes great pride in his work. He is absolutely meticulous, insuring everything he does is done efficiently and expertly. After the installation, he set up my new television and took the time to explain it all to me. When finished, he removed all the packing material and left the room neat and tidy. He is very polite and courteous and very much wants his customers to be happy and satisfied with his work. I highly recommend him for any type of work around the house. Original review from Terry on
Sharon Auffenberg, St Louis, MO Jeremy was a very special technician. He was extremely patient with my impatient daughter, and my 80 year-old self. I would swear he was a old retired school teacher, with the patience to explain to me how to maneuver a new smart TV. AND HE DID IT!!! Try to get him! Original review from Sharon on
Steve M., Fenton (St Louis), MO Jeremy was fantastic hung/installed 65” TV very professional and a great job. Would refer him to anyone.
Gene Maurer, St Louis, MO Set up my wireless speaker system Original review from Gene on
James Wayne, E St Louis, IL Original rating from James on
Robert S., Granite City, IL Jeremy was on time installed and set up my TV. He then shoed me how to use all the apps was very polite I would like him to install any future puchase
John & Susie H., Sikeston, MO Hey Jeremy we love our new tv and we appreciate your professional installation. We would recommend your service to any one. Thanks, John and Susie
Mary Martinez, Cape Girardeau, MO Very informative and easy to understand. Explained everything in layman’s terms and took the time necessary. Highly recommend this service. Original review from Mary on
Pam Groshong, Cape Girardeau, MO We found Jeremy through Best Buy. He installed our wall mount TV! Most excellent customer service! His work was precise! Just as it says! Coincidentally he had been to our home before we moved there to install a basketball goal! He was amazing! Original review from Pam on
Stanley H., Jefferson City, MO I want to thank Jeremy for the great installation he did today. It was one of he most professional and excellent installations I've ever seen.
Thanks again, Stan
Donald Vaughn, Independence (Kansas City), MO I had four other contractors who didn’t show up from Best Buy to install two camera’s. Finally they they sent Jeremy to get the job done.
He kept me updated with phone calls of the time he would be arriving. He arrived when he said he would, installed them perfectly, and walked me through how to use them.
Original review from Donald on
Christina Diane, Jefferson City, MO I recommend Precise Assemblies and Jeremy because of the highest level of professionalism that he maintained through the install all of my new security system. When I asked a question he answered w a vast amount of knowledge about the product. I feel more secure in my home. Thanks for your kindness! Original review from Christina on
Jim M., Columbia, MO Jeremy completed installation of a new wall mount television in a professional manner. Showed me how to set up programming and cleaned up the work area before he left. I appreciate his professionalism and would recommend him to anyone.
Milton B., Cape Girardeau, MO Job well done. Jeremy has mounted 4 TV's for us in our home. Thank God for Precise Assemblies.
Scott Orr, Columbia, MO Jeremy did a splendid job. He was competent, prompt, and solved every challenge confidently. He was particularly patient and cheerful and happily made a change we asked. We recommend him highly. Original review from Scott on
Stan S., Perryville, MO GREAT job!!! Went above and beyond the call of duty!!!
Paulette M., Paris, TN Jeremy was extremely friendly and helpful. He is very knowledgeable, and takes his time explaining everything about the product being installed ! I appreciate his expertise, communication and promptness upon arrival time. It was a pleasure to have him!! I only wish everyone was that efficient!!
Susan L., Stanton, TN This guy was so polite, so knowledgeable, so professional, I could go on and on. It was worth the long wait for him to come from Missouri.
Harry McMenemy, Sugar Tree, TN Mr. Jeremy, in addition to installing a new large flat screen TV, also removed the old TV. We were quite pleased with the instructions on the operation of the new equipment. Harry McMenemy Original review from Harry on
Ethan S., Jackson, MO This was the best service we've used since moving to the area. Jeremy was fast, professional, and did the highest quality work. We will be using his services for many other projects in the future because of this. Worth every cent! Original review from Ethan on
Cory & Kim Leathers, Gordonville, MO Jeremy is the best! We are new to the area and called Jeremy to have three flat screens hung in our new home. Precise is exactly how to describe his attention to detail. Wires hidden and even made sure that it was in the best viewing position. We will be having Jeremy back to do some other things in our home. I would recommend him again and again. Thank you Jeremy! Cory and Kim. Original review from Cory on
Alicia Adams, Cape Girardeau, MO I highly recommend Jeremy Glastetter and Precise Assemblies ! He did a wonderful job mounting my tv and connecting all of my devices !! Thank you Original review from Alicia on
Alonza G., Dyersburg, TN Precise and detailed about his work. Explain the process well.
Charles Grisamore, Jackson, MO I recently moved into a new house and I wanted to put a TV antenna in the attic and I needed a coax cable run from my attic to my computer room located in the basement (I ditched the cable TV bill and with an antenna I stream a live TV signal over my network which can be watched on smart TVs, phones, and streaming devices) . Although I didn't see any 'cord cutting' type stuff on his website, I gave Jeremy a call and asked if this was something he could do. This involved climbing around in an unfloored attic, locating an interior wall to pass the cable through, and getting it to the right basement location. Jeremy had the skills and the specialized tools, and he did a great job. The work was professional and he was fastidious about tidying up afterwards. As we are still settling in after the move I have several other small projects and I am definitely using Jeremy again. Highly recommended! Original review from Charles on
Eddie Doss, Mounds, IL Excellent, extremely helpful and professional! Original review from Eddie on
Brent P., Cape Girardeau, MO Jeremy was great! He came prepared and ready to hang our TV over our fire place. He is very professional and has all the tools and knowledge needed. He even spent time setting up our DirecTV and showed us how to use our new TV...Bonus!
He is personable and so easy to talk to.
Ray Melton, Scott City, MO Hello! jeremy with precise assemblies installed a 75 inch tv and soundbar for me . He arrived when he said he would and was very professional. I will definitely call on Jeremy again with any projects I need completed. I highly recommend Jeremy and Precise Assemblies. Thank You. Original review from Ray on
Amy Duncan, Union City, TN Great job!! Jeremy went above and beyond to help us!! Original review from Amy on
Keith Layson, Herrin, IL Jeremy is pleasant, skilled and very methodical in what he does! He is technically sound and after cares his work clean like a Wiesel! Definitely recommend him! Original review from Keith on
Robin Gibson, Henderson, KY I appreciate this fine young man. He came from Cape Girardeau to Henderson KY to bring my sick husbands new Samsung TV on a rainy evening with no help. He pick up the box and took that with him. What a professional. Thank you so much. Original review from Robin on
Diane P., Paducah, KY We had a number of things that we needed help with and Jeremy helped us. He explained things in a way that we could understand.
Alice Skinner., Paducah, KY Jeremy was so great! He installed TWO ring doorbells and left no trace behind! He was timely, pleasant and professional! He even sent me a link to help me with another issue I was having after he left! Class act!! You can bet I will use him again! Original review from Alice on
Jerome Jessup, Carbondale, IL Original rating from Jerome on
John Hurd, Harrisburg, IL Strongly recommend Precise Assemblies! Jeremy was promptly on time with the delivery and installation of our new 65 inch Sony Bravia TV. Was very professional with the setup and walking us through the new Android format/platform. Very personable and informative, answering all our questions. Original review from John on
Sarah S., Cape Girardeau, MO This guy is awesome! He came and installed two of the ‘Ring’ doorbells on my new home. He was very very polite and very educational as well! I will definitely be using Precise Assemblies in the future! Original review from Sarah on
Donald Dougherty, Chester, IL Original rating from Donald on
Karl H., Paducah, KY From the moment he arrived until he was finished unpacking and hanging a new 65" TV on a new adjustable wall mount, then giving us an in-depth lesson on smart TVs, Jeremy was a polite gentleman, a superb craftsman, and overall a delight to have in our home. If another job appropriate to his specialties arose, he is the only pro we would call.
Scott Taylor, Martin, TN Jeremy did a great job with our TV installation. He was detail oriented and made sure we understood how to use the equipment. He also worked with me on a couple of scheduling conflics which really helped. I'd recommend Jeremy to anyone. Original review from Scott on
Alex Roman, Paducah, KY Jeremy did a fantastic job mounting our TV and was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. He communicated frequently, did everything he said he would and is very professional. I highly recommend him and can say that I will be working with him again very soon! Original review from Alex on
Joe Higdon, Fancy Farm, KY Great Job Jeremy! Original review from Joe on
Ramonna Camp, Eldorado, IL If you want the job done right, call Precise Assemblies. Jeremy Glastetter provided service that exceeded my expectations. Examples of excellent service included:
  1. Called 3 times [throughout the week] to verify the appointment and then notified me that he was on the way for the job.
  2. Arrived on time.
  3. Was very knowledgeable and professional on installation.
  4. Answered questions I had written down on a list prior to his arrival.
  5. Made sure TV aligned perfectly level.
  6. Wrote down easy instructions.
  7. Very patient in giving instructions and showing how to operate.
  8. Carried off boxes and even offered to carry one to basement.
Superb Service!!!!!
Original review from Ramonna on
Estevan Alvarado, Paducah, KY Jeremy is one extremely knowledgeable and experienced electronics technical professional I've ever meet. An electrical storm knocked out my television, I bought a new one, Jeremy was contacted for service and I'm happy watching my favorite shows. I found Jeremy not only professional but honest and very courtesy. This young man gave me a full education and when he left I had no questions. This is the second time I have called on him and would not hesitate on calling on him again. Many thanks Jeremy. I highly recommend this Professional!!! Original review from Estevan on
Hayley Ledbetter, Portageville, MO Jeremy was very respectful. And easy to talk to. With my little one running around, he wasn't bothered, in fact he talked to her as if she was his own. Not to mention, the great work he done. Great service. I highly recommend. Original review from Hayley on
Naween Tamjidi, Cape Girardeau, MO So polite and professional! They made the effort to come out on to help set up our sound system. Jeremy is super knowledgeable about the technology which is so reassuring. It took less than too. We will look forward to getting in touch with Jeremy for the multitude of services he provides. Soooo worth it! Original review from Naween on
Don W., Carterville, IL Very helpful and confident. Answered all questions. Pleasure to have in our home.
Ashley Tucker, Cape Girardeau, MO Great work, very professional, and finished in a timely fashion. I def recommend, and will be using services for future jobs! Original review from Ashley on
Jeremy T., Jackson, MO Jeremy with Precise Assemblies was great. We called him after getting an enthusiastic recommendation from my sister-in-law, who's used him multiple times. We needed three TVs mounted to the walls of our new house, and he was able to recommend the best mounts to go with, taking the guesswork out of it for us. He'd purchased the mounts himself by the time he came back for the installation, did a seamless job, hiding the wiring along the way, and we had just one bill to pay when he finished. I understand that he works solely from word-of-mouth recommendations, and I'm happy to give a wholeheartedly positive one here. Original review from Jeremy on
Charles K., Dexter, MO Jeremy installed a new TV for us . He did an excellent job! He is very knowledgeable and very good at what he does. I will certainly use him again.
Roey F., Jackson, MO Jeremy did a great job mounting our 2 indoor cameras! Read "hound cams!" His phone call before the visit took care of the necessary questions before his arrival. We would use his services again.
Betty W., Thebes, IL Jeremy, thanks so much for coming over and installing the TV, we really appreciate it. Thanks again for everything and first class service!
Preshey C., Dexter, MO Jeremy brought my new tv to me. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very polite and he set up my tv for me and showed me each step he was doing. I would highly recommend him.
Ann Hogan, Jackson, MO Jeremy made a special effort to get to my project quickly. He installed my new flatscreen, explained how things work, and simplified my system so I have fewer wires and remotes. He hauled away the packing debris and the old set for recycling. Jeremy keeps the worksite clean and is the kind of friendly, polite person I’m glad to have working in my home. Original review from Ann on
Al McFerren, Cape Girardeau, MO Jeremy did an awesome job of mounting a 65" curved television in my home. It turned out so well, I called him back a couple of days later to assemble a electric fire-place. The fire-place was going to be my project to assemble, however, my wife was so impressed with the job that Jeremy did that I was "encouraged" to contact Precise Assemblies. I am glad I did...everything has turned out awesome and I didn't regret having a pro take care of my projects. I am sure you will feel the same way!

Al McFerren
Cape Girardeau, MO
Saundra S., Cape Girardeau, MO Jeremy installed our tv and checked out a second one this wasn't working. He did a great job, was very neat and careful and professional. Plus, he's friendly and explains things in a very understandable manner. We are not techies and we needed help. I am so glad we met Jeremy and were aware of his business. We will definitely call him for anything else we need done. He was very sweet and not judgmental and very understanding of us older people!
Ami Darnall, Murray, KY Thank you for the awesome installation. Seven TVs and they all look perfect. No wires, level, centered...Jeremy was professional, very knowledgeable, and fast. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Precise Assemblies!!!!! Original review from Ami on
Betty H., Kevil, KY The nicest person to work with, very professional, did even more than expected, sped up my computer, programmed TV, hooked up wireless internet, and surround sound, explained everything in great detail.
Suzanne J., Valier, IL Precise Assemblies is absolutely the best.
Larry S., Cape Girardeau, MO We moved to Cape and are very thankful we discovered Jeremy and Precise Assemblies. Jeremy has wall mounted multiple TV's for us; hung a gazillion pictures for my wife not to mention fixing her computer and our porch door. Jeremy is an exceptionally skilled, patient, thorough professional and we've had him back in our home at least 4 times for various projects. I would 100% recommend Jeremy for any project you may have around the house... BUT... more WIFE recommends him and that my friend is a tough endorsement to earn!! Thanks Jeremy… I'm sure you'll be back!!!
Gary P., Marion, IL Jeremy installed a flat screen tv and set it up for use. He is extremely professional very knowledgeable and patient. Could not ask for better service.
Joy S., Carbondale, IL Jeremy of Precise Assemblies is very knowledgeable, patient and hardworking. He has integrity. He's helped me on several occasions and I would not hesitate to call him for any hook-up and installation work I need with my electronics in the future.
Bonnie H., Cape Girardeau, MO This young man does a fantastic job. He is so knowledgeable and careful. We are so very pleased with his assistance. We will tell all our friends about Precise Assemblies.
Martha N., Murray, KY Mr. Glastetter set up my new television for me and did a fantastic job. He then connected my VCR and DVD players. After completing all the installations he then showed me how to use the remote for the television and how to use the VCR and DVD players. This was a tremendous help to me because I am a senior adult and sometimes this modern equipment can present a problem. Mr. Glastetter was very courteous to me and didn't treatment me like a dummy. I will recommend him to anyone that needs anything assembled or anything that needs installation. It is so nice to have someone so kind and knowledgeable.
Wilma M., Barlow, KY I had a good experience with Jeremy. He installed my TV and explained how to operate it. He was here by the time he said he would. I would call him if I needed any thing else.
Cathy I., Cape Girardeau, MO We had 2 flat screen TV's mounted and could not have asked for a better tech!