Basketball Hoop Installation Service

Basketball Hoop Installation by Precise Assemblies
72" adjustable
basketball system
8' high in this photo

Get the kids out of the house and create memories that'll continue to be made for a lifetime with your new basketball hoop!

Before those NBA championship games can be played in your driveway, someone must install it. The work required is no joke — digging a 4-foot-deep hole, setting the anchor bolts perfectly in 1,500 lbs. of concrete, lifting a 200‑lb. glass backboard, micro-leveling the whole system left-to-right & front-to-back, and then calibrating it to 10-feet high.

Hire the only installer in the country offering a Lifetime Labor Warranty on premium in-ground basketball hoop installations!

Also available: Line Painting

Basketball Hoop Installation by Precise Assemblies
72" adjustable
basketball system

What's the installation process?

Your in-ground basketball system is a 2‑visit process.

Before I will start digging, I will contact 811® as part of my service to you. They must have a minimum of 3-business days to check for underground lines.

Then I will make my 1st visit. I will dig the hole and embed the anchor system in the concrete. This is the most critical part of the installation process to get right, as it's the foundation for everything to come.

Then your concrete needs to cure. I require 1-week of hardening in warm weather and 2-weeks of hardening in cold weather. After-which I'll return for the 2nd visit to erect your system.

This whole process may sound like a lot, but as you'll see from my reviews I make it as seamless as possible.


Do you have a hoop picked out yet?

Photo showing anchor system's for three hoop brands I've installed that were nearly the same price. The quality-difference is night-and-day between the three. The one that is the most expensive would shock you.
Anchor System's
3 hoop brands
Nearly SAME price

If you haven't purchased your hoop yet, contact me for a recommendation on size/brand for your application. There are brands that offer lifetime warranties that also include dunking and hanging. Combined with my lifetime labor warranty, it will be the last hoop you'll ever buy ... your great-grandkids will be using it someday.

There are 4 types of basketball systems

  1. In-Ground
  2. Portable
  3. Adjustable-Height
  4. Fixed-Height

Regulation size (high school, college & NBA) is 72" wide with tempered glass that's ½" thick (13mm). Smaller sizes include 60" & 54" widths.

It's common for less expensive models to come with backboards with thinner acrylic (plastic) backboards — ⅜" thick (10mm), or ⁵⁄₁₆" thick (8mm). Acrylic backboards will yellow and get cloudy over-time ... glass will stay crystal clear.

Here are some guidelines regarding backboard size to get you started:

  • 54" : Tight Area, 1 Car+
  • 60" : Normal Driveway, 2 Car+
  • 72" : Large Driveway, 3 Car+

Custom Tools

From digging deep underground, to lifting glass high in the sky, regular tools just don't cut it when installing basketball hoops. While other contractors are renting the basic tools needed, Precise Assemblies not only owns the tools, but is leading the industry with specialized custom-made tools for installing your basketball hoop!

  • Watch my custom backboard crane, as it eliminates the risk of back injuries and shattered glass.
  • My custom concrete mixer eliminates inconsistent mixing from wheelbarrows.
  • My concrete vibrator eliminates air pockets in the concrete, most importantly around the anchor bolts, also preventing honeycombing.
  • My powered auger and jackhammer eliminate a delayed installation because of trips to the rental store due to underground obstructions: chunks of concrete, stone and rock, tree roots, extremely compacted soil, or hardpan.

How much does in-ground basketball hoop installation cost?

This is a difficult question to answer until more details are answered. What size hoop you're having installed, what services you're needing, and the distance between us?

  • For the base service package requested by most homeowners, the cost (not including travel time) to get the quality of a Precise Assemblies installed hoop is going to be somewhere between $700–$900.
  • For those wanting or needing additional premium services, the cost (not including travel time) will usually fall between $850–$1,750.
  • If you have difficult above-ground or under-ground obstacles to overcome, the additional cost could range anywhere from $100–$600.
  • If you have an old hoop to remove before the new one can be installed, the removal of the hoop can range from $75–$550 additional depending on the type of hoop it is.
  • For those DIYers that want to save money by doing some of the labor themselves, the cost can be lowered to a range of $180-$700 depending on how much work you're able to do yourself.

How much does travel time cost?

Unfortunately this breaks to budget for most people. Unlike all other projects that Precise Assemblies offers, which are all single visit projects, basketball hoops require two visits to your home.

Below are some examples of travel cost you can expect based on how far you are from Precise Assemblies, for the two visits.

  • For those living 1–2 hours away, the cost can be between $175–$350.
  • For those living 2–3 hours away, the cost can be between $350–$800.
  • For those living 3–4 hours away, the cost can be between $675–$975.
  • For those living 4–5 hours away, the cost can be between $850–$1,275.
  • For those living 5–6 hours away, the cost can be between $1,150–$1,580.

  • Contacting 811® for your project
  • Leveling your hoop left-to-right, front-to-back
  • Calibrating your hoop to your pavement
  • Teaching you of all its new features
  • Removing packaging from premises when done
  • The only LIFETIME Warranty in the country

  • Installing optional net kit
  • Installing optional light kit
  • Removing existing hoop and/or concrete
  • Removing the dirt from your property

Client Reviews

Wes C., Richmond, KY Great transaction value for value! Very seldom you can say thanks for the value I paid for! You will not be disappointed with this company! A professional job.
Arnold M., Florissant, MO Jeremy was everything we expected and more. Five stars for his attention to detail, professionalism, knowledge, cleanliness, and all out work ethic. I also had him paint my court as well. The lines are perfect and my home court looks amazing. He had all of the proper tools to get the job done in a timely manor. I was very impressed to see him pull up the old cement and cut the big bolder into smaller pieces to haul off. He took my old goal, all of the boxes, and the pallet that it came on. If you need a basketball goal installed, I highly recommend Jeremy for the job. I am very satisfied with the excellent professional job Jeremy has done installing my goal and painting my court. Five star service hands down. If you want it done right and looking great, Jeremy is the man for the job. Big Smile.
Ron E., Fenton, MO Jeremy at Precise Assemblies did an excellent job installing my Pro-Dunk basketball hoop. He had a challenging job digging a large hole through very rocky ground and hard clay. He was able to successfully align and calibrate the basketball goal to my existing court markings. He was very meticulous and detail oriented and made sure the job was done right. He spent additional time explaining to me how to adjust and lock the system. He also disposed all the large boxes and wood pallet off my hands, even though that was outside the scope of his work. I highly recommend Jeremy for your install needs! Original review from Ron on
Paul S., Waterloo, IL Jeremy did a fantastic job! His attention to detail was the best I've seen, but what I appreciated the most was how he interacted with my boys. He took the time to explain the steps in putting up our basketball hoop. I will definitely seek his help again with future installation projects. Original review from Paul on
Mary-Ann M., Cape Girardeau, MO We highly recommend Precise Assemblies. Jeremy is a true professional. He’s knowledgeable, efficient, hard working, on time, and NEAT! His work space is always cleaner when he leaves than when he arrives. Jeremy installed an awesome basketball goal that our boys love. He’s also done some audio/visual work for us. You won’t hire anyone who’ll work harder for you. Original review from Mary-Ann on
Patrick R., Danville, KY I am very, very pleased with Precise Assemblies! I asked Precise Assemblies to install a Produnk Diamond model hoop for me. After I read the reviews of the various installers, I decided I wanted to go with him even though that meant paying extra for the travel time, as I was outside his regular service area. It was worth every penny. Jeremy is very professional, very meticulous, prompt, and responsive. His work is flawless. I absolutely recommend Jeremy for any assembly or installation work. He has tremendous experience and he puts great thought into the work he does. He is excellent! Original review & photos from Patrick on
Craig S., Cape Girardeau, MO We are extremely happy with our basketball goal! Jeremy does great work! I would highly recommend him! 5 stars
Bo Y., Bowling Green, KY Jeremy was very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend him and Precise Assemblies. Original review from Bo on
Peter W., St. Louis, MO Jeremy has superb attention to detail and researched our installation very thoroughly. He came back to troubleshoot. He is excellent and we recommend him!
Molly & Derek H., Centralia, IL Jeremy was extremely reliable, professional, and timely in assembling and installing our basketball goal. We will absolutely call him again—without hesitation!
Kurt L., Cape Girardeau, MO Professional and fast. I plan on using Jeremy for future projects. I highly recommend him! Original post from Kurt on
Brent P., Jackson, MO Jeremy helped me very quickly when I was in a bind and needed assistance with a basketball goal installation. He was extremely professional and easy to talk with. Greatly appreciate his help!!! Original post from Brent on
Paul G., University City (St Louis), MO I found Jeremy to be a perfectionist. No detail was overlooked. I often thought as he was working..."that's good enough", but I realized it would not be for him until it met his high standard. His work was both organized and concise. I enjoyed seeing how he had thought through every phase of the goal installation process. He developed custom/specialized tools for the job, and had improved upon others. It was quite fascinating to see his ingenuity. The end result was a perfectly installed in-ground basketball hoop! Would certainly recommend his services.
Chris R., Cape Girardeau, MO I am not receiving anything for my promotion below and this recommendation is long overdue. Jeremy is very professional and will assemble anything that you need. He did everything that he promised, responded promptly, was very professional, organized, kept his work site very clean, and was very detail oriented. He installed our basketball goal and it looks awesome. Chris' post to his family and friends on
Mike T., Webster Groves (St. Louis), MO Jeremy and his team are top notch and did a great job installing a pro dunk system for me. Flexible, courteous and professional. Thanks Jeremy! Original review from Mike on
Ronnie S., Portageville, MO Jeremy is FANTASTIC!! On time, high quality, and very reasonable pricing! And just in time for Christmas! Original review | day 2 photo from Ronnie on
Zach S., Webster Groves (St. Louis), MO Jeremy and his team were easy to work with and were assembly experts. They did a great job, were very friendly, prompt with communications, professional, and knowledgeable! I would definitely use them in the future and will recommend them to any friends and family that have assembly needs. Thanks a lot Jeremy! Our gold package hoop looks great! Original review | day 1 photos | day 2 photos from Zach on
Matt U., Cape Girardeau, MO Thank you Jeremy Glastetter and Precise Assemblies for helping us with our basketball goal install...there will be many memories made right here! Original post & photos from Matt on
George D., Clinton, KY Jeremy was very professional and did everything he said he would do. What more could you ask for from an installer. Our basketball goal looks great and everybody loves it. The kids in the community will put the basketball goal to good use. Thanks, Jeremy!