Jeremy Glastetter

Jeremy Glastetter of Precise Assemblies
Jeremy Glastetter

I'm often asked, "How did you get into the assembly business?"

The short version is folks I met couldn't find a reliable company to assemble their products. This was already something I did as a hobby, so a hobby turned into a business ... a win-win for everyone!

The long version is during my college years, I worked for a retailer with working floor-models. Most of those floor-models were loose, wobbled, or squeaked — making them hard to sell.

I fixed the existing floor models — then as new models arrived — I assembled them correctly the first time. All our floor-models then worked as perfect as the model that would soon be in someone's home.

At that time, the retailer didn't offer in-home services such as delivery, assembly, or repair. The store manager suggested I consider doing just that ... in-home service. The idea was quite simple but had big implications. It would require me to quit, start a new business, in a new-niche market, right at the beginning of what would later be called the "Great Recession" — all while still in college.

Of course, since you're reading this, I followed through and Precise Assemblies was founded in 2006.

While growing Precise Assemblies, I earned a bachelor's degree in construction management, from Southeast Missouri University in Cape Girardeau, MO. During my senior year, I was chosen for a select group of students to help re-design one of the university's most congested areas, known as the Scully-Rhodes Plaza. That project was completed the year after I graduated.

Some will be interested in knowing I am a Dave Ramsey listener when time allows. Even before knowing who Dave was, Precise Assemblies was 'assembled' organically and debt-free!


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